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The Healthy Choices...
Roll/wrap/foccacia extra .50Variety Rotating on a Daily Basis
Wholemeal Bread is usedPasta,Rice,Coleslaw5.00
Sandwich with a selection of fillings including:Salad Boxes
Toasted0.40Ham/Chicken Salad6.00
Ham, Tuna 4.00Chicken Caesar Salad6.00
Roasted Skinless Chicken4.50 Salad only5.00
Vegemite3.00Lots of fresh foods prepared daily other than the
Tomato3.00basics on the menu.
Cheese & Tomato3.50
Cheese & Vegemite3.50Daily Home Style Meals  
Egg & Lettuce4.50Changing on a Daily Basis
Ham and salad5.50Quiche
Chicken and salad5.50Lasagne
Tuna and salad5.50Stir Fries
Plain Salad5.00Fried Rice
Cheese& Bacon Savoury Roll 2.20Roast of the Day
Savoury Roll with Cheese2.20Hokkien Noodles
Hawaiian  Savoury Roll2.20Baked/Scalloped Potato
Healthy Choice Snacks...Meat and Vegetarian Pastas5.50
Chicken Pasta Bake5.50
Delite' Rice Crackers1.00
Fresh Fruit1.00Light Snacks available Recess and Lunch
Carrot and Cucumber Sticks , dips2.00Yoghurt Cup with Berries or Muesli3.50
Cookie1.00Coffee Scrolls3.00
Cookie(GF)2.60Muffins assorted3.00
Popcorn, JJs Snacks and Red Rock Snacks1.50Hash Browns (Recess Only)1.00
Homemade Fruit Salad4.00Steamed Dim Sims(3) or $1 each (recess only)2.50
Vegie Chips (GF) 50gm Chicken Flavor2.60Egg & Bacon Roll(Recess only)5.00
Drinks and Frozen Treats...Lunch Burgers/Wraps & Hot Foods
Orchy Juice & Ducat's O.J3.50Chicken Burger with Lettuce & Mayo5.50
Water2.50Vegetarian Burger with Cheese, Lettuce & Tom6.00
Nippys Flavored Milk3.50Chicken Burger with Cheese, Lettuce, Tom6.50
Prima2.00Sweet Chilli Chicken wraps/subs5.50
Big M 600ml(Choc,Banana,Strawb)4.00Beef, Cheese & Onion Burger with BBQ Sce5.50
Focus Sports Water3.00Beef Burger with Cheese,Tom.Lettuce6.50
Zooper Dooper0.50
Crusha1.50Good Eating Mrs Macs pie4.00
Moosies1.50Good Eating Sausage roll 3.80
Paddlepops2.00Margarita,BBQ Chicken,Hawaiian Pizza Slice Each3.50
Callipos1.50Hot Dog3.50
Icy Twists1.50Tom Sce 0.50
Paddle Pop Cyclone2.60
 Dixie Cup1.50


Prices include GST are subject yo change


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