Inducted in to WPSC Hall of Fame 2011 for his contribution to the Arts:


At Wanganui Matthew was elected Chisholm House Captain two years running, and was School Vice-Captain in 1994.


In 1997 Matthew completed his undergraduate degree in Fine Art Photography and in 1999 he began lecturing at Swinburne University. In 2003 Matthew received his first artistic residency, he experimented with some simple mechanisms that later became the first Oribots. Oribotics became a field of study, one that fuses Origami and Robotics. Oribotics is Matthew's most well-known body of art.

This study has taken him around the world, to robotic conventions in Denmark, artistic residencies in Tokyo, exhibitions across Asia, Europe, Northern America, and all around Australia.


In 2010 Matthew was selected from a shortlist of Australian artists for residency at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria and has gone on to become a senior researcher at their Futurelab. During this time Matthew developed his largest art work to date, an installation of 50 oribotic flowers. This exhibition mesmerised the 90,000 visitors to the 2010 Ars Electronica Festival.


Between 2003-2009 Matthew led the Melbourne Origami Group to host Australia's first international Origami convention, and brought the leading artists from Japan to Victoria. This eventually led to Matthew becoming the host for the Sunday Arts program on the ABC.


In 2009, with assistance from the Melbourne Origami Group,he made his first commercial publication titled Everything Origami, the book has now sold nearly 200,000 copies worldwide.​​​

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