​​Better Together

The four government secondary colleges in Greater Shepparton are united in their vision to provide an excellent education for every young person in Greater Shepparton. By forming an Alliance of Schools, working closely together, sharing resources and bringing together the strength of each college, the schools will focus on being “Better Together”

Our schools

The schools involved in this exciting project are:

McGuire College

Mooroopna Secondary College​

Shepparton High School​

Wanganui Park Secondary College

The four schools have committed to a better, more connected and unified way of providing the Greater Shepparton community with an integrated public education system to the area. Whilst the schools will remain autonomous, they together will make sure that:

​The excellence of public education in Shepparton is ensured for every young person.​

The four government schools in Greater Shepparton provide secondary education to the majority of young people in the Greater Shepparton community. 
The quality and diversity of this education is ensured by the schools working together and being "Better Together".
All of the schools have their own individual strengths but together, with careful planning and a strong partnership, the breadth of offerings will be much broader. 

We will do better for young people by working strategically together.​

​The introduction of the Trades Skills Centre managed by the Alliance of Schools in partnership with GOTAFE will ensure a significant increase in opportunities for young people. This Trades Skills Centre will be based at McGuire College, and managed by a Committee involving representatives of each school, GOTAFE, and to be chaired by Wanganui Park Secondary College. Each school will be allocated an area of excellence that it will lead. This area of excellence will be supported by input from experts in the field. The knowledge and programs developed will be shared across the Alliance. Through this approach the Alliance of Schools will have strong academic standards in all areas of the curriculum. By 2016, a one-stop on-line shop will be available for all our students as they plan their studies. This will enable students to have more access to different studies and experiences using a mix of home school classrooms, some travel and on-line virtual classrooms. In all of the actions of the schools, the values, diversity, excellence and community will be highly visible.​


The Alliance of Schools will work with Universities and TAFE, and the link to Latrobe University and GOTAFE will be central to our success. The Alliance is most appreciative and thankful for the genuine interest that Latrobe University and GOTAFE have in supporting this exciting journey. With these organisations working with us, we will truly be "Better Together".​

Better Together
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