Who.jpgWho do I contact at Secondary School?


Who to Contact


Home Group Teacher

Absence notes

Uniform notes

Classroom teacher

Subject Information

Progress or problems in a particular subject


Learning to Learn Teacher

Friendship problems (within class)

Getting lost

General running of the school (Canteen, sports, lunchtime activities etc.)

iPad issues

Lost property

Trouble getting organised at school

Junior School Coordinator / House Leader

Attendance problems

Friendship problems, relationship / social issues

General progress

General behavior issues or bullying

Health, medical or wellbeing issues

Out of school (extra curricular) achievements

Wellbeing staff

Social, emotional or personal issues

Wellbeing Coordinator

Social, emotional or personal issues requiring professional counseling or referral

Assistant Principal

Course, class and subject changes

Inability to resolve a situation with an individual teacher

Serious behavioral issues

Serious issues not resolved at a lower level

Main Office / Business Manager

Financial issues – fees.

Paul Lucas (58252344)

Mooroopna Secondary College

Questions about school buses

Question.jpgOther things you may want to know



Attendance, learning, achievements, semester and end of year reports, SPA reports classwork, assignments and assessment

The XUNO Parent Portal and the XUNO Student Portal allow the College and teachers to communicate with students and parents/guardians about a range of learning events and expectations.

The XUNO Portal can be accessed at: http://xuno.wanganuipsc.vic.edu.au


Keeping informed of school events

All significant school events (photo days, sports days) are available on the school web site.


The Newsletter is published fortnightly and emailed to parents. The first one is also mailed home. You can find current and past newsletters on the school website.

Please ensure that the school has your current email address.

Notes are only sent home for unexpected events that may arise.

 Your child is sick at school

Students should go to the Main Office, where trained staff will administer basic first aid and determine if parents or ambulance needs to be called.

Please note: under no circumstances will staff give out Panadol to students.

Your child has an appointment during school hours

Your child needs to be aware of the appointment time, have a note for the classroom teacher and meet you at the Main Office. Please note that office staff are often unable to go to classes to collect them. You will need to “sign out” your child.

Your child is late for school

Students who arrive after Home Group has finished (9:00a.m) should report to the Main Office.

Always provide a note to explain the lateness.

Your child is absent for one or more days.

Parents should contact the absence line on 58209977 to notify the Main Office of the absence. If this is not possible, your child should bring a note to show their Home Group teacher the day they return to school.

Your child is out of uniform

Students who are out of uniform should provide a note to their Home Group teacher. The note should indicate when they will be back in uniform.

Your child needs to leave the school before the end of the day.

All students who leave early must be “signed out” by their parent at the Main Office. Your child should provide a note for their classroom teacher.

You want to contact or talk to your child during the school day

Parents are requested to report to, or contact, the Main Office. The staff will locate your child. Always report to the Main Office before you enter the school grounds.

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